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About Us

We would like to introduce Itechbazar.com as the technology innovators existing in the IT market for the past 16 years. Spearheading a revolution in the IT market by providing cutting edge productivity solutions to organizations and individuals. The promise of technology for us has also meant ever demanding customers consequently putting a pressure to constantly keep evolving our products and solutions. We have been proactively supporting our customers and our channel with updated training and information about our products and solutions. Itechbazar.com is known in the IT market for its involvement with the premium brands. It is among the first few companies in India to start their online portal (www.itechbazar.com). Now, www.itechbazar.com is most sought after web portal among technocrats.

We are first to introduce the top premium brands like  ASUS, Logitech, AMD, Microsoft hardware, DLINK, TPLINK, DELL,ACER, ASUS, Computing and many more to India. Also we have been rewarded as the best partners in the Haryana by the top brands. The company is headed by Mr Neeraj Malik (MD), one of those very rare technology vendor for whom work is passion. Neeraj Malik of Rohtak-based Itechbazar.com has created a niche for himself by dealing in products for which he can command a premium. His ability to create the customer base for high-end products have helped him ensure strong bottom-lines for the company. This company is one of those rare few companies who is in IT market not just to make money but largely because they have always been smitten by top of the edge technology solutions and products.


Known in the market for bringing technology and people closer, their focus is service and solutions. It’s easy to find partners who are passionate about business and money, and so are in IT trade. But there aren’t many who are in the channel business because they are passionate about the very products they sell.